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Get smarter everyday with Daily Curiosity

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Get smarter everyday with Daily Curiosity

Did you know Norway is home to a town with a one-letter name: Å? If you are interested in fun facts like this and more, then look no further than Daily Curiosity.

Daily Curiosity

Daily Curiosity presents five interesting topics and content that could add to your warehouse of junk knowledge daily. Unlike some Twitter accounts that seek to do similar, Daily Curiosity scoops evidence-backed information curated from various sources to present you a unique learning opportunity.


The app displays a gist of the facts for the day with a short narrative and an interesting picture. The “Tap to Learn” button at the base of the screen allows you to access additional details, videos, infographics and source of material. There’s also a share button that allows you to share screenshots of the interesting facts to your favourite apps. The interface is neat and relies on gestures to navigate through the app. I must admit this seemingly simple task can get rough around the edges initially but you get used to it soon. Another great thing about the app is that it does not display ads nor an in-app purchase, so yay. You swipe up to navigate through the day’s digest or the left for the previous day. A right swipe greets you with a timer that counts down to when the next day’s digests will be ready.

A left swipe from the edge of the screen reveals a Settings menu with various options such as changing the notification settings and other account settings.

On the whole, it is a lightweight app that does exactly as advertised. Head over to the Play Store or App Store to give it a shot.

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