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What happens to your Google account when you die?

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What happens to your Google account when you die?

One of the most awkward touch-and-go discussions is about death so we will make this article very brief.

It’s fairly conceivable to plan what happens to your assets after you have checked out of this life. But what happens to your digital footprint and your online accounts? Today, we will look at how you can plan what happens to your Google account when you die.

Inactive Account Manager

With Inactive Account Manager, you can tell Google what you want done with your digital assets when you die or can no longer use your account. Rest assured Google doesn’t use dark magic to detect if you are no longer in the land of the living. Everything here is purely scientific and depends on your inputs and requests — actions are triggered after a specified time of account dormancy.

You have two options. You can choose to either have your data deleted after three, six, nine or 12 months of inactivity. Alternatively, you can select trusted contacts to receive data from Google services such as Blogger, Contacts, Drive Gmail, Google+, Pages and streams, Picasa web albums, Google Voice and YouTube.

So there you have it. Head over to the Inactive Account Manager page to plan your digital afterlife!

Featured image credit: Mashable

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1 Comment

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